World’s Best Software for Speeding Up Your Computer

What’s this amazing software you ask? Well, it’s CCleaner and it’s a great little program to have and use on your Windows computer and now it’s also available for Macs.

I ALWAYS use it on every computer I repair and/or optimize – It’s not just a program that professional I.T. workers exclusively know how to use – the basic cleaning functions which remove unnecessary data are really simple for computer newbies to understand as well. It’s also useful to run the program just before running your antivirus software so as to reduce scan waiting time.

Now a few expert tips I can add:

  1. You should probably untick the Empty Recycle Bin box from within CCleaner because sometimes you’ll find you need to recover your deleted files from the bin.
  2. LEAVE THE REGISTRY CLEANER ALONE (unless you’re more of an expert and know EXACTLY what you’re doing). Yes, most of the time running registry cleaning software isn’t going to cause any big problems but when it does go wrong it can be a big deal. The potential gains usually aren’t worth the potential misery.
  3. Watch the video below for a great way to disable unwanted startup programs. This will speed up your computer’s startup time and is also the place where MOST viruses, adware etc tend to attach themselves, so you can actually potentially stop a virus causing more harm by switching it off before running your antivirus of choice.

Depending on your needs, there are several versions available but home users will benefit most from CCleaner Professional.

CLICK THE IMAGE FOR CCleaner Professional

Alternatively, if you wish to try the free version to get a feel for it’s functionality:

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