Another Free & Easy PC Security Tip

I was helping someone with a laptop issue the other day which involved verifying whether or not their antivirus programs were authentic or not.  Not so easy when you work on a lot of people’s computers. What I should have done and I recommend that you also do is this: open Notepad or a similar word processing program relevant to the operating system that you use (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux etc.) and write a quick list of the names of your antivirus, firewall and of any additional security software you may have installed on your PC. This is extremely useful for if you suspect that you have a virus and maybe don’t recognise the behaviour of your antivirus, firewall etc as being normal. One of the things some sophisticated viruses are capable of doing is making themselves look like and mimic security software! A typical scenario would be that the fake antivirus sends you a bunch of pop-up warnings that tell you to click here and there until it’s taken over your PC and you have seemingly no control of anything that the computer does,except for maybe, the last resort of switching it off from the mains supply. Not a good place to be. So next time your antivirus or firewall seems to be acting a little strange – which they do anyway sometimes – just check that little note you made previously 😉